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Between 30-50% of all Cancer cases are preventable. Prevention offers the most cost-effective long-term strategy for the control of cancer. National policies and programs should be implemented to raise awareness, to reduce exposure to cancer risk factors and to ensure that people are provided with the information and support they need to adopt healthy lifestyles. At In-Country Medicare’s Center for Well-Being, Personalized and Precision Medicine, our first line of defense against breast cancer for example is a technology called Digital Thermography. Most people have never heard of it, but this tool has been around for 35 years and has been used for routine screenings of breast cancer

Digital thermography detects cancerous changes in the body about ten years earlier than a Mammogram can. This gives you the best chance of preventing and avoiding cancer. Other state-of the art diagnostics like our Urine cancer screening Test (based on an assay of Human Chorion Gonadotrophic Hormone, gives results that can predict the risk of coming down with cancer two years ahead. Additionally, our newly acquired DNA Test provides our patients information on diet, how to up-regulate (boost the immune system), avoid infections and the need for adequate sleep.