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ONDAMED, A Biofeedback System

The ONDAMED is a unique technology offering a personalized treatment approach utilizing electro-magnetic field stimulation. It is the first of its kind in Nigeria.

Combined with the patients’ own pulse biofeedback enabling a personalized therapeutic approach, it provides a non-invasive breakthrough modality for pain relief, treatment of soft tissue injuries and wound healing.

After 20 years of testing, research and utilization in Europe and North America, one very unique modality promises to change the way personalized medicine is being handled, forever.

In Summary:

Used for both acute and chronic pain, soft tissue injuries, and wound healing Patients feel the effects almost immediately by feeling less stress and improved mood All ages, from infants to adults, can be stimulated with ONDAMED


Almost anyone with any type of condition, mild or severe, can benefit from ONDAMED as an adjunct to standard care of treatment

The Ondamed system delivers very specific frequencies to the patient based on biofeedback from the patient’s pulse

ONDAMED has 20+ years of research behind it in Germany.

Stimulation with ONDAMED pulsed electromagnetic fields has shown to:

  • Reduce pain
  • Accelerate the healing of soft tissue injuries
  • Enhance wound healing
  • Improve metabolism functions
  • Increase vitality
  • Produce more positive moods
  • Provide a clear mental thought process
  • Relief stress
  • Enhance sleep patterns
  • Engender strong commitment to self-care