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Our doctors at In-country Medicare use Integrative medicine techniques/modalities to manage different types of chronic pain with little or no over-dependence on the conventionally available pain killers. Integrative Pain Management specialists at In-Country Medicare use the many tools integrative physicians use to diagnose and treat pain patients that go far beyond the drug-and-surgery-based approach of conventional physicians. Chronic pain can be healed with the right approach!

Why taking an integrative approach is important for chronic pain management

Integrative medicine looks at you as a whole person to nurture your mind, body and soul as you live with this disease. By looking at a patient through a variety of lenses, we are able to heal with both conventional (aka pharmaceuticals) and complementary treatments.

Conventional medicines for joint pain aim to control inflammation, but often come with the very serious side effects of suppressing your immune system. While these meds are necessary, the goal is to find a strategy that helps you manage your condition with minimal impact on your daily life. Complementary and natural remedies for chronic pain can help mitigate these side effects and keep inflammation at bay.