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Biotherapy, or biologic therapy, is treatment that uses living substances to treat disease. The substance may be a natural part of the body. Or it may be made in a lab, rather than by nature. For example, DNA or an antibody could be used in biotherapy

Vidatox 30 CH

It is a treatment to stimulate or restore the ability of the immune (defence) system to fight infection and disease. VPDC Limited in partnership with In-Country Medicare is a major distributor of Vidatox 30 CH , a biotherapeutic produced from the Blue scorpion in Cuba.

Cancer patients suffer from 3 main challenges: Pain, Inflammation and Loss of Appetite. Vidatox 30 CH gives Hope to cancer patients as an Analgesic and Anti-inflammatory and restores appetites as well as direct cytotoxic effects on cancer. Thus, the incorporation of Vidatox 30 CH, along with other functional disease management methods is a treatment which has given hope to many cancer patients.

The Vidatox® 30CH 30 CH

What is Vidatox ?

The Vidatox® 30CH, a bio-therapeutic homeopathic compound with a dilution in 30 hundredths and whose active ingredient is the venom from the scorpion Rhopalurus junceus endemic in Cuba (which has shown in preclinical studies, anticancer values, anti-inflammatory and analgesic. The product is non-toxic when administered orally. Its use does not exclude or limit other conventional treatment against cancer and indeed the simultaneous use may have a synergistic effect and enhance the anti-tumor activity of the conventional cancer treatments.

Today, the product has been tested in more than 65,000 patients treated with positive results, both Cuban and abroad, who use the product as an adjustment therapy in the treatment of neoplastic diseases such as cancer of the pancreas, prostate cancer, lung cancer and brain and nervous system cancer, among others. According to the patients, the results are not observed since the beginning of the therapy, but after a month the effects already start to be satisfactory.

The following symptoms were observed in patients at the end of a study lasted for 25 months:

  • Significant reduction of the side effects caused by cytostatic and radiation therapy.
  • Significant cancer pain relief.
  • Important inflammatory reduction.
  • Significant improvement of hematological parameters
  • Significant improvement in appetite.
  • Marked improvement in general condition
  • Marked improvement in the function of organs and systems affected
  • Weight gain
  • Decreased “cough”

For all the above, the patient has an improvement in general health and therefore quality of life, increasing the survival rate of patients with cancer and giving them back the “Desire to live.”

The Vidatox® 30CH 30 CH

The Vidatox® 30CH has no side effects; the main contraindications are hypersensitivity to the medicine itself, to its active principle or its components. Using this product does not exclude or limit the usage of any conventional treatments against cancer (radiotherapy, chemotherapy, etc.).