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Metabolic improvements start to occur when people with extreme obesity lose about 10 percent of their body weight. Being overweight is not what most of us aspire to. Unfortunately being overweight and obesity is negatively viewed by our society more for aesthetic reasons (e.g. clothes are too tight, thighs too large) than for health-related reasons. The real reasons we should be concerned are more critical to our society, both economically and socially, as well as our own personal health. Overweight and obese individuals are at greater risk of the following, to name a few:
• Coronary artery disease • Stroke • Some cancers • Diabetes • High blood pressure • Gallbladder disease • Osteoarthritis • Sleep apneoa

Not to mention that it just doesn’t feel very comfortable carrying an extra 10, 20 or more pounds around with you. Our specialized doctors streamline a personalized and precision driven Weight Loss Program that meets your needs within a targeted period.